Relief maps and relief globes

3D relief of your homeland
globe during milling (CNC)
airbrushing rounds the terrestrial globe
3-D map of an Austrian region

Sensing the world, feeling its different levels with your finger, thus comprehending its surface – this fascinating action can easily become true thanks to our high-quality and true-to-life reproduction of the globe including its “ups and downs”. A purely fascinating exhibit for globetrotters and people who care for science and nature. Tangible and understandable for both adults and kids! Manufactured with high-quality technological standards, the relief globes represent an aesthetic and enjoyable enrichment for theme parks, ferries, museums, zoos, schools and many more.

The understanding of a selected area – e.g. a natural park or an island - becomes with our milled relief maps reality. As touchable terrain models with individual painting and lettering (optional Braille) they are the result of the processing of geographic data from geographic information systems (GIS).

An alternative option is offered through our small deep-drawn relief maps in handy sizes.

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